Finance Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the city Finance Department is to provide timely and accurate financial information to the city management and to the public, and to administer the city's assets, including cash and investments, in a prudent and intelligent manner.

Programs & Services

The City Finance Department is responsible for the financial operation of the city, in accordance with GAAP, GASB regulations, the state laws and administrative policies established by the City Council and the city manager. Activities include:

  • Administering and investing all the funds of the city, including the hospital and utility funds
  • Performing budgetary controls
  • Preparing and maintaining the required accounting records
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Processing payroll
  • Processing vendor payments

The Finance Department is also responsible for all special assessments.


The goals for the City Finance Department are:

  • To assist the City Manager to adopt an adequate budgetary control process, including incorporating the "Performance Budgeting" procedure into the city's financial budgeting process. It has been proven that Performance Budgeting - linking performance measurement to budgeting, is an effective approach to improve both the services and the efficiencies of an organization.
  • To effectively administer city's assets; earn high interest revenues through investing city's idle cash after considering the priority of safety of principle and adequate liquidity needs.
  • To manage the department's budget and personnel with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness and fiscally responsibility.
  • To provide timely and accurate information about the availability of funds and changes in the funds available for the activities of each city department, and each program.
  • To reduce waste, inefficiency or misuse of city's funds by applying an adequate internal control procedures.