Animal Control / Community Service Division

Our Mission:

The mission of the Community Service Division of the Brookings Police Department is to provide quality, compassionate and timely animal control services to the Brookings community, the enforcement of parking ordinances within the city and to provide assistance with safe traffic control operations. 

The Community Service Division is comprised of a full-time Community Service Officer supervisor and 2 part-time Community Service Officers.

Contact Information: 

  • Animal Control/Community Service Division: (605) 692-2113.
    • Animal reporting - Report any injured, wild or animal at large or cases of animal abuse or neglect
    • Pet licensing
    • Parking Complaints
  • Any local vet
    • Pet licensing
    • Spay / neuter
  • Brookings Regional Humane Society: (605) 697-7387
    • Adoption information
    • Spay / neuter

Community Service Officer Pick-up