Building Permits / Applications

Site & Floor Plans

A scaled drawing showing where the proposed structure is to be located on the lot with dimensions of setbacks from all property lines (front, sides and rear) is required. The distances must be perpendicular from the property line to the closest point of the structure. The direction of drainage on the lot is needed. Site elevations in relation to structure elevations and the driveway, access drive, sidewalk and ramp locations and dimensions must be shown.

A scaled drawing naming the rooms and dimensions for each floor, including the size and location of the deck is required. The drawing must also show the square footage of finished and unfinished areas on each floor.

Exterior Elevations

A scaled drawing showing the four exterior views of the structure, including the proposed finish grade line around the structure and the bottom of the footing line, is required.

A scaled detailed drawing showing sizes and materials of the typical exterior wall from footing to shingles is needed. A list of joists, beams and bearing wall sizes and spacings must be included. The drawing must also show the ceiling and wall insulation for type and R-value.

Egress Windows

A list of rescue windows and locations and size of the clear opening (when window is in a fully open position) with dimensions and square feet is required.


Make sure the plans are correct before submitting. The drawings must show the correct legal description and the location of all smoke detectors. Stair details showing the rise, run and headroom must be provided. A list of the following must be included:

  • Name of the owner, general contractor, electrician, plumber and mechanical contractor
  • Type and size of air conditioning and heating
  • Voltage and amp service

The building permit must be issued before pouring footings. Don't forget to call (605) 692-6629 for a footing inspection. Failure to get a permit on time may result in an investigation fee of double the permit fee.

Plan Review Timeline

Please allow one week for the plan review. For zoning issues, please contact the Board of Adjustment.