Excavation Permits


A permit is required to excavate in any street, sidewalk, alley or public ground, including removal of soil, paving, gravel or any other material. Excavation regulations may be obtained from the Engineering Department. Complete the Excavation Permit  and email to Charlie Richter or deliver to the City Engineering Department, 520 3rd Street, Suite 140, PO Box 270, Brookings, SD 57006.

All excavations shall be open trench work unless otherwise authorized by the city engineer or by a representative of the city engineer. Trenches for all sewer and water service lines, sewer and water mains or excavations for any purpose between the curb lines of any street may be refilled with finely graded gravel or the native soil, if approved by the city engineer.

Contractor Requirements

The contractor is required to patch the street pavement or make arrangements with the Street Department to perform the work for a fee. The contractor is also required to maintain all traffic control and protection of the excavation work. The excavation and repairs shall be completed as quickly as possible.