Airport Study

Environmental Assessment

At the December 14, 2010 Brookings City Council meeting, the City Council chose the BKX Expansion Alternative as the preferred alternative. The Environmental Assessment (EA) has been updated to reflect this as the preferred alternative. Additional consultation with the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Dakota Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, Brookings County, as well as other groups and organizations have been conducted to finalize the EA in January 2012.

Wildlife Hazard Assessment

In 2010, according to 14 CFR 139.337, a qualfied wildlife biologist set up and managed a study to determine the species of wildlife using the airport, their numbers, location, local movements, and daily and seasonal occurrences. The assessment identified features attracting wildlife to or near the airport, described the wildlife hazards to air-carrier operations, and included an analysis and recommendations for mitigating hazardous wildlife attractants.

Airport Master Plan

In 2004, we started a project to update the airport's master plan. The city will implement

projects prioritized in the master plan. We will receive 95% federal funds and 2% state funds

for these projects. The master plan was finalized in 2005.