Knox Box

Rapid Entry Key System

Even though buildings are not required to install the Knox Box rapid key entry system by ordinance, the Brookings Fire Department recommends and endorses that this system be provided in an approved location on the exterior of the building. Buildings with multiple tenants, depending on building size, require only one box that can be shared by up to five tenants. Large buildings - such as warehouses, malls, or other similar buildings - may require more than one Knox Box.

Knox Boxes may be ordered online with a credit card or via an order form that can be obtained from the Brookings Fire Department at 607 20th Avenue.

Recommended Box Type

As a general rule, the Knox Box 3200 series is the correct box to order. It is recommended that for new concrete or masonry construction that you purchase a recessed Knox Box with recessed mounting kit available for ordering on the Knox Company website.

Also available from the Knox Company and endorsed by the Brookings Fire Department are the Knox Locking Fire Department Connection Caps and the Knox Locking Standpipe Cap. Please make sure that you are ordering the appropriate size and specify NST threads. Any other thread configuration will not work with Brookings Fire Department hose connections.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the appropriate Knox Box or additional Knox Company products, please contact the Brookings Fire Department at (605) 692-6323.