Parks Missions, Programs & Services

PurposePioneer Park

The purpose of the Park Section of Parks, Recreation and Forestry is to provide parcels of open-space, green areas throughout the city, for aesthetic purposes, as sites for recreation activities and to reduce the perceived and real population density of residential areas.

The Parks Department builds and maintains the parks in the Brookings Park system, comprising over 640 acres. Included are:


The department also cooperates closely with the Brookings School District in building and maintaining joint school / park facilities.

The Parks Department maintains a fully equipped maintenance fleet of vehicles, mowers and specialty equipment. A full-time staff assisted by seasonal employees provides all maintenance and plays a significant role in developing and constructing new parks.

Open Space

A long-term benefit of the park system is an assurance that open space and parks will be available in the future in developed neighborhoods. The activities in these parks may change over the years, but once the land is plotted and developed, it is unlikely that it can be converted back to open space.