Recreation Mission, Programs & Services

Creating Community Through People, Parks & Programs

GoalsHillcrest Tennis Courts

The recreational programming goals of the Brookings Park, Recreation and Forestry Department include:

  • Establishing an atmosphere at each sponsored activity, which is supportive of the efforts of each participant and affirms their worth
  • Providing enjoyable recreational activities, which enhance the quality of life for participants and volunteer leaders
  • Providing recreational opportunities, both competitive and non-competitive, for persons of all ages at a reasonable expense

In order for these goals to be met it is expected that leaders, volunteers and paid staff, do the following:

  • Attempt to include every participant in every activity.
  • Give positive reinforcement to each participant.
  • Provide educational feedback in a calm manner.

Public Recreation

The Recreation Department provides a wide range of youth and adult public recreational activities. City Recreation exists to provide opportunities for leisure time activities at an affordable cost, usually subsidized by public funds, which are not feasible or easily provided by the private sector. Programs have developed primarily through a process of request and interest.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Learning of life skills in recreation activities.
  • Providing a well-rounded list of recreational opportunities to meet expectations of current residents and as an attraction to those considering relocating to Brookings.

All residents are served to the degree that they choose or are able to participate. However, in general, it could be fairly stated that city recreation in Brookings, especially as concerns the expenditures of tax dollars, puts a high priority on youth, providing numerous activities for their leisure time.


Specific activities include but not limited to:

  • Youth: baseball / softball, recreational swimming, tennis, golf, basketball, ice skating, field trips, horsemanship, fishing, etc., open gyms, youth soccer, ice activities
  • Adult: baseball / softball, swimming, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ice skating, open gyms, etc.