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Frequently Asked Questions

Q | Where can I find information related to snow alerts?

A | You can sign up to receive snow alerts via email, check the City's website and social media pages, or call the snow hotline at (605) 696-7669.

Q | When will a snow alert be issued?

A | Snow alerts will typically be issued at the accumulation of four inches of snow or more, however, each storm is different. Sometimes a parking ban may be issued with less than four inches of accumulation. It is a good practice to move your vehicle any time there is an accumulation of snow to allow roads to be cleared from curb to curb.

Q | How long do I have to scoop my sidewalk after a snow event?

A | You have 48 hours to scoop your sidewalks and crosswalk curb-ramps after snow stops falling.

We also recommend that you clear snow from the area around fire hydrants to help the fire department protect people and property in the case of an emergency. When every second matters, they will appreciate your help.

Q | What will happen if I don't scoop my sidewalk?

A | You are responsible for the sidewalk in front of your home. If you do not clear your sidewalk within 48 hours of a snow event, a warning will be issued to you in the mail. If snow is not removed after a warning has been issued, the City of Brookings will arrange for the snow to be cleared and send you a bill for the snow removal.

Q | Where do I report an issue when sidewalks are not being cleared?

A | If sidewalks are not being cleared or you have observed a violation, please report concerns via Engage Brookings or call the code enforcement department at (605)692-6629 Monday - Friday 8-5.

Q | I'm having trouble with snow removal, where can I find services to help?

A | Call the United Way 211 Community Helpline by dialing "211" on your phone, or emailing

A2 | The Brookings Police Department is offering Sand for Seniors, which is a program in the City of Brookings that provides a bucket of sand to senior residents who are physically unable to get one on their own. If you are interested in the program, please call (605)692-2113.

Q | Can I park on the street while parking lots are being plowed?

A | If a snow alert of parking ban has been issued, on-street parking is not allowed. Parking on the street may result in a parking ticket or the risk of having your vehicle towed. To receive up to date parking ban information, we suggest that you sign up for alerts or call the alert line at (605) 696-7669.