Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging


An electric vehicle (EV) charging spot (EV place to charge) is available to the public in the south parking lot of the City & County Government Center at 520, 3rd Street, near the Downtown Brookings Business District. The central location is within walking distance of many of the City’s eating and drinking establishments, shops, and other recreational and historic destinations. The site makes the charging location a great spot for folks who are visiting from out of town and for locals who want to partake in what the community has to offer as their vehicle charges.

The  ChargePoint, Inc. CT400 charging spot is available to the public 24/7. Rates are $1 per hour for the first three hours and $2 per hour for each hour after that. The average charging time for an EV is four hours, with a cost of around $5 for a full charge. Users can pay using a ChargePoint app installed on their smartphones or by using a ChargePass card.

For more EV information and charging location maps, visit the ChargePoint, Inc. website at, https://www.chargepoint.com or the US Department of Energy, Alternative Fuels Data Center website at, https://afdc.energy.gov/vehicles/electric.html


The ChargePoint EV spot installation was facilitated by City staff as an initiative of the Brookings City Council with the support of the Brookings County Commission, Brookings Sustainability Council, and Brookings Municipal Utilities. Funding for the project and lease was supplemented by a rebate program offered through Brookings Municipal Utilities (BMU). “As the Brookings community moves towards a more sustainable future by adapting to electric vehicles, Brookings Municipal Utilities is proud to provide a $3,000 rebate to the City of Brookings for installing the City’s first public EV charging station,” says Mike Turnwall, BMU Business Development & Communications Manager. Continued funding for the spot will be split between the City and County.

The addition of the public place to charge is a step forward in the community’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly energy sources. It provides an opportunity to enhance the quality of life for those who currently own an EV and provides options for those considering ownership within the area. “I’m happy to have been able to facilitate the installation of the EV spot, which accomplishes an initiative of City Council, provides a new amenity for the community, and furthers Brookings commitment to sustainability,” said Brookings Assistant City Manager, Jacob Meshke who oversaw the project. The importance of the project is echoed by others who were involved. “Electric vehicles are an important piece in the sustainability picture, helping communities reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. It is heartening to see the City of Brookings incorporate sustainability. The Brookings Sustainability Council hopes this charging station encourages community members to do so as well when choosing their next vehicle,” said Jennifer McLaughlin of the Brookings Sustainability Council.

More Options for Residents

Rebate options are available for community members who are interested in purchasing an EV. “EV’s are good for the environment as EVs have no tailpipe emissions. Brookings is an ideal place to own an EV as much of our power comes from hydro and renewable energy sources. For those interested in buying an EV, Brookings Municipal Utilities offers a $500 rebate for installing a ChargePoint Level 2 EV charger in your home,” says Turnwall, who encourages residents to contact BMU for more information.

NEW EV Charging Station

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