Citizens Campus

The Brookings Regional Landfill Citizens Campus is available to residents 24/7 free of charge. It is located near the entrance of the Landfill. 

To access the Citizens Campus, turn right after passing through the first set of Landfill gates. 

Clean Wood/Lumber Area

This area is for pallets and clean lumber only. Please do not place stained, painted, or treated wood, decking material, or furniture in this area. Wood with surface coatings should be disposed of at the Landfill during regular operating hours.

Note: Tree branches can be dropped off at the Citizens Campus. Please place tree branches in separate tree pile area.

Tree/Branches Area

Trees and tree branches/logs may be placed in this area.

Note: Please place other wood/lumber in separate wood/lumber area.

Compost Area

The compost area accepts flowers and weeds, grass clippings, leaves, stalks, vines, and small twigs (less than 1/2 inch in diameter). 

Recycled Compost

Recycled compost material created through the Landfill's compost program is available free for use in yard and garden projects at no charge to residents.

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