City Council Meeting (10/20/2020)

Brookings, S.D. (10/20/2020) – The Brookings City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 20 at 5:00p.m. will take place in the City Council Chambers (520 3rd Street, Suite 230, Brookings, SD 57006). Here's what the public needs to know to attend, participate and/or view:


  • Discussion on Ordinance 20-010 Renewal and Mask Mandate
  • Discussion on Public Works Department Establishment
  • Introduction and First Reading on Ordinance 20-028, an Emergency Ordinance Amending Emergency Ordinance 20-010, as previously amended, to Extend and to Comprehensively Adopt Provisions to Address a Public Health Crisis and to Revise Certain Measures which are Necessary for the Immediate Preservation of the Public Health, Safety and Welfare of the City and are Necessary to Slow the Community Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the City of Brookings, South Dakota. Second Reading: October 27, 2020.
  • Executive Session




To ensure continuity of meeting proceedings, the City of Brookings asks all participants – both online and in-person – to maintain respect and civility for the good of the order. Background noise, clapping and/or comments will create challenges and delay proceedings. Individuals are asked to show respect for all those who attend and speak as well as respect for the process.

  • Public comments are an opportunity for the Council to listen
  • Public comments should be directed to Council
  • Public comments will alternate between in person and virtual
  • Show respect to those speaking by remaining silent
  • Do not engage or discuss other speakers within the public hearing
  • Everyone will be allowed one time to speak
  • All will be granted up to 3 minutes to speak
  • Your full name and address will be requested prior to any comments
  • Be concise and avoid duplicated comments
  • When the Mayor closes the public hearing, Council will have the floor and no public comment will be taken unless asked

To speak during the Open Forum, you may talk on any item or concern not scheduled for a public hearing. If you want to speak on the topic at a public hearing scheduled for that evening, you must comment during the public hearing portion of the meeting.

When you talk with the Council, step up to a microphone and speak into it clearly. Identify yourself by stating your name. You're not required to give this information but it's helpful for the Council to know who you are. If speaking for a group, you must tell the Council how the group developed the position that you're presenting.

If previous speakers have already made the comments you wish to make, feel free simply to identify yourself and indicate your agreement with what's already been said.


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