Brookings Urban Forest Initiative

Graphic of a neighborhood with trees With text that says Brookings Urban Forest Initiative


It's back! The Urban Forest Initiative has been a huge success since 2021, so we are offering it again this year! 

Program Start Date:  Earth Day - April 22nd (tree purchase receipts must be dated April 22nd or later).

Program Description

The Brookings Urban Forest Initiative is designed to enhance the health, long term sustainability and beauty of our community’s trees. Many of the trees we value in Brookings are mature and some are in decline. With the looming threat of the Emerald Ash Borer, now is the time to take the steps to ensure that our community forest remains a signature part of life in Brookings.


The program is open to City of Brookings residents.


Maximum of two trees per property per year. (NOTE: Trees planted in boulevard areas will require City approval prior to planting and reimbursement. Please call Parks and Recreation at (605) 692-2708 for additional information.)

Tree Species

The list of approved trees is available at participating tree nurseries and by visiting the link below.



*Approved participants will receive a reimbursement for up to $125 per tree planted with the submission of a paid receipt. (NOTE: Receipt must identify the tree species and size.) If you aren’t comfortable planting your own trees you may also receive a planting reimbursement of $40 per tree if you choose to hire a professional.

*Reimbursements may take up to four weeks after submittal – (Checks will be issued through the City Finance Office.)


Trees may be planted in your own yard or on City boulevards (with location approval).


Visit the Arbor Day Foundation Tree Planting & Care page for tree care and planting tips.

If you need additional information or advice on planting locations, please contact the City of Brookings Forestry Division at 605-692-2708.


1.  Decide where to plant your trees. Note: If you’d like one on the boulevard please contact us to determine the location.

  • No boulevard trees other than those trees listed as small trees may be planted under or within ten lateral feet of any overhead utility line, or over or within five lateral feet of any underground water line, sewer line or transmission line.
  • No tree plantings will be allowed within an alley right-of-way.
  • The clear space distance between the curb and sidewalk must be four feet for a small tree, six feet for a medium tree and eight feet for a large tree.

2.  Visit your local tree nursery and ask about which trees qualify for the program.

  • All trees must be on the preferred/acceptable tree list. Deciduous trees must be a minimum of six feet tall and spruce, pine, and juniper trees must be a minimum of two feet tall.

3.  Purchase your trees and save the receipt.

4.  Bring your receipt to the Parks & Recreation office to receive your reimbursement.

  • Funds are limited and will be allocated on a first come/first-rebated basis.

5.  Plant your trees and enjoy!