8th Street Mill and Overlay

Street Milling

Project Update

Bowes plans to start on this project around the middle of July. 

Route/Detour Information

During the milling and paving operations, traffic will be affected and may be detoured. If the Contractor so chooses to detour traffic, the detour route information will be updated when finalized by the Contractor and approved by City staff. 

Project Milestones

Phase 1: Mill and Overlay

STATUS:         Project  Milestone Status CompletedCompleted       Project Milestone Status Not Completed Not Completed
Mill the top 2 inches off the street surface.

Adjust manholes and water valves as needed and prep the road surface for paving.

Pave the top lift of asphalt back on the road.

Paint new street striping including center lanes, stop bars, and pedestrian crossings.

Project Overview:

This project will include milling and overlaying 8th Street from Medary Avenue to 14th Avenue.

Completion Date:

August 15, 2022

Contract Amount


Contractor Name

Bowes Construction

Contractor Contact Information

Cole Schneider, Project Manager


City Contact Information

Charlie Richter, City Engineer