7th Avenue & 15th Street South Connection

15th St. S & 7th Ave

Project Update

Bowes is currently working on placing and compacting the gravel base course and pouring curb & gutter and sidewalks. Completion of the project is expected by the end of the month.

Project Milestones

STATUS:         Project  Milestone Status CompletedCompleted       Project Milestone Status Not Completed Not Completed
 All water main and sanitary sewer main utilities installed.

Detention pond, drainage channel, and storm sewer installed. 

Placing gravel base course

Concrete curb and gutter and sidewalks. 

Asphalt paving

Backfill disturbed areas with topsoil and seed. 

Project Overview:

This project is a new street construction project to connect 15th St. S. and 7th Ave S. at their intersection. The construction began in 2021 and will be finished in the summer of 2022. 

Completion Date:

Late June 2022.

Contract Amount


Contractor Name

Bowes Construction

Contractor Contact Information

Cole Schneider, Project Manager


Contact Information

Jason Petersen



Consultant Name

Civil Design Inc. (CDI)