Chip Seal Areas 2022

2022 Chip Seal Map

Project Update

This project has been completed for 2022. The chips have all been applied, the excess swept up, and the new pavement markings applied. 

Route/Detour Information

Temporary road closures will occur during the chip-sealing process. These detours will be very short-lived and roads will generally be reopened within a matter of minutes.

Project Milestones

STATUS:         Project  Milestone Status CompletedCompleted       Project Milestone Status Not Completed Not Completed
 Apply the oil and quartzite chip to the street surfaces. 

2The contractor will roll the chip into the oil and then shortly after reopen the streets.

3The Brookings Street department will allow traffic to continue pushing the rock into the oil and then after a week or two will sweep up the excess chips. 

4Paint new pavement markings on the newly sealed roads. 

Project Overview:

This project is the City's annual road surface sealing project. It entails applying oil and quartzite chips on the street surface to seal it from the elements. 

Completion Date:

Mid-August 2022.

Contract Amount


Contractor Name

TopKote Inc.

Contact Information

Charlie Richter, City Engineer