Martin Boulevard Digout

Martin Blvd Digout

Project Update

Bowes plans to begin this project in the fall of 2022. 

Route/Detour Information

Martin Boulevard east of Rhonda Road will be closed during construction. The closed section will only be about 150 feet long and other roads in the area will remain open during construction. 

Project Milestones

STATUS:         Project  Milestone Status CompletedCompleted       Project Milestone Status Not Completed Not Completed
Remove the existing asphalt. 

Install new drain tile and connect to the existing storm sewer inlets. 

Place and compact new gravel base course.

Pave the section with new asphalt surfacing

Cleanup and seed if necessary

Project Overview:

This project addresses an underlying subgrade issue on the west end of Martin Blvd. 

Completion Date:

End of October 2022.

Contract Amount


Contractor Name

Bowes Construction

Contractor Contact Information

Cole Schneider, Project Manager


City Contact Information

Charlie Richter, City Engineer