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Medary Elementary School Park


  1. Basketball Court
  2. Bike / Walking Trail
  3. Multi-Purpose Field
  4. Parking (off-street)
  5. Playground Equipment
  6. Restrooms
Medary Park is adjacent to Medary Elementary School.  The park serves multiple functions as the multi-purpose fields are utilized for youth softball / baseball / football as well as a play area for school children.  Playground equipment, basketball courts, and a walking trail add to the park experience.  Restroom facilities are available on the southeast edge of the park adjacent to an asphalt parking lot.  Medary Park is host to the annual summer Safety Town program coordinated by the Brookings Police Department.

The park is adjacent to Medary Elementary School and is a joint-use facility between the City of Brookings and the Brookings School District.
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