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Northbrook Park - Community Gardens


  1. Archery Range
  2. Garden Plots
  3. Go-Kart Track
  4. Picnic Shelter
  5. Restrooms

Northbrook Park is located at the northeast corner of Medary Avenue and Highway 14 Bypass intersection.  This park contains the Douglas Chittick Community Gardens, the University Plains Go-Kart Track, and the Big Sioux Bowmen Archery Range. 

The Douglas Chittick Community Gardens offers residents an opportunity to rent from the approximately 500 garden plots available.  Each plot is roto-tilled, fertilized, measured, and numbered.  An underground irrigation system is available for watering.  In addition, hose bibs are available in each row for gardeners to utilize for individual watering of plots.

The north half of the park contains the University Plains Go-Kart Track.  The Go-Kart Track is an oval, dirt track.  The track is leased and operated by non-profit organizations. 

Restroom facilities, a picnic shelter and parking serve this special use park.

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